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Aimpoint CompM4S (LOW)

Modèle de qualité militaire destiné à toute arme équipée d'un rail picatinny (livré avec montage rapide Aimpoint). Le rail picatinny n'est pas livré avec le viseur. Il sert d'illustration et de gabarit.
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695,00 €

Viseur Aimpoint M4s à montage bas (si ce viseur est destiné à un AR15/M4/M16, alors sélectionner plutôt le modèle AR15 qui est livré avec une entretoise qui le réhausse, contrairement au modèle " LOW ").
Ce modèle est équipé d'un système d'attache rapide Aimpoint (molette rapide à limiteur de couple) permettant la pose de cet équipement  sur tout rail Picatinny. Il fonctionne avec une pile AA 1,5Volt qui lui donne une autonomie record de 80.000 heures (environ 9 ans !). Il est compatible avec les intensificateurs de lumière (7 positions sur les 16 niveaux d'intensité). La taille du point est de 2 MOA. Il y a 9 niveaux d'intensité pour usage diurne (l'un d'entre-eux est suffisamment brillant pour être visible sur de la neige ou du sable en plein soleil).

Livré avec bonnettes de protection en caoutchouc, une pile AA,  et un montage rapide Aimpoint à limiteur de couple.


The Aimpoint CompM4 series of sights are the finest sights that Aimpoint has ever produced. Improvements include improved energy efficiency that provides up to 8 years of continuous use from a single AA battery! The CompM4 sights incorporate an integral mount that eliminates the need for a separate ring, and can be customized with vertical and forward spacers to fit a variety of weapon systems. They can also be used by hunters and sport shooters that need night vision compatibility.
To accommodate our customers, the CompM4 series of sights are available in two versions:
The CompM4 offers a high battery compartment, while the CompM4s offers a low battery compartment. In all other aspects, the Aimpoint CompM4 and Aimpoint CompM4s are identical.

The CompM4 is now the latest version of the US Army’s M68 CCO (Close-Combat Optic), continuing a legacy that Aimpoint has maintained since 1997.

The performance of the CompM4 series of sights is optimized for use with all generations of night vision devices (NVDs), but is especially suited for 3rd generation night vision technology. Aimpoint’s unique band-pass coating on the front lens reflects select frequencies of red light at near 100% efficiency in order to give the highest possible dot brightness with the smallest amount of energy while transmitting nearly 100% of light in the Infrared and near-infrared part of the spectrum to provide the clearest, brightest image possible when used with a 3rd generation NVD. With 7 NVD-compatible brightness settings and 9 Daylight settings including one extra-bright setting, the CompM4 and CompM4s are ready for use around the clock.

Unique features

  • Compatible with every generation of Night Vision Devices (NVD)
  • Super ACET technology allows up to 80,000 hours (over 8 years) of daytime operation on one AA battery
  • Internal voltage regulator allows the CompM4 to be used with any AA size battery.
  • Seven night vision compatible settings and 9 daylight settingsr
  • QRP2 mount has twice the clamping force of the original QRP, and the mounting knob is wider and shorter to improve operation, and lessen the chance of becoming snagged on other gear.
  • Mount base is “keyed” into to the body of the sight to absorb recoil.
  • Mount base screws directly into the sight – no separate sight ring is required.
  • 500,000 hours of use on NVD setting
  • 2 MOA dot for close combat and long distance engagement
  • Matches perfectly with Aimpoint 3XMag, (magnifier module).
  • Unequalled light transmission.
  • Front lens opening is threaded for addition of killFlash® anti-reflective device.
  • Submersible to 150 feet (45 meters)
  • Vertical spacer included
  • Standardized as the US Army’s new M68CCO
  • Improved adjustment caps are easier to remove, and are protected against impact.
  • Can be used with a carry handle adaptor for use on all M16 rifles.


System Passive Red Dot Collimator Reflex Sight
Magnification 1X
Eye relief Unlimited
Reticle, size 2 MOA
Optical coating Anti Reflex coating all surfaces. Multi-layer coating for reflection of Pass coating for NVD compatibility
Battery Type AA
Battery Life, typical** 80 000 hours for good quality battery
Switch, dot brightness 16 positions, 7 NVD, 9 daylight, of which 1 Extra bright
Material housing Extruded high strength aluminium
Surface finish Hard anodized, matte, black
Material lens covers Rubber, matte, black
Adjustment 1 click = 16 mm at 100 meters = 1/2" at 80 yds
Mounting Keyed surface Patent pending mount keyed to the sight body to absorb recoil
Length 120 mm (4.7")
Width/height 53x60 mm (2.1"x2.4") sight only - 72x72 mm (2.8"x2.8") including mount
Ring width None
Weight 265 g (9.3 oz) sight only - 335 g (11.8 oz) with integrated mount
Temperature Range -45°C to +71°C (-50°F to 160°F)
Water resistance 45 m (150ft)
12172  CompM4s
695,00 €