STRYKER cal.12

Fusil semi-automatique à barillet. Ejection des douilles automatique.
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12 ga Striker SE Shotgun

Description :
A 12-gauge, 12-shot spring advance revolving magazine fed system with a capacity of 12 rounds, it can be utilized in lethal and less lethal applications, breaching shotgun, IED disruption and other tactical purposes. The Striker-12 stands out as a very capable breaching shotgun. The vented muzzle break makes for a perfect standoff device and with a capacity of 12, there are plenty of rounds to get the job done. Once wound, the magazine rotates with each trigger pull and has an auto eject function that ejects each spent shell after it is fired. Its lightweight and ergonomic design reduces recoil significantly, enough so that it can be operated with one hand. The Striker's spring advance feature also makes it the first choice in 12-gauge for robotic mounted platforms used for IED disruption and other tactical purposes.

Features include :
12-gauge double action trigger, trigger lock push button and chamber out-of-line safeties, 12-gauge, 7.5 inch, 12 inch, and 18 inch barrels available, iron front post and rear groove sights, auto shell eject function, indexing button to bypass chambers, unloaded weight of 9 lbs/4.1 kg for 18-inch barrel, utilizes all standard 12-gauge ammunition including breaching rounds.

Model Number Configuration Type of Action Caliber Capacity Rate of Fire
Striker 12-18” BBL   Spring motor driven revolving magazine 12 ga x 2 3/4-inch 12 Shot 12 rounds in ± 4 seconds
S812-1 Fixed
S812-2 Folded
S812-3 Collapsing
Striker 12-12” BBL   Spring motor driven revolving magazine 12 ga x 2 3/4-inch 12 Shot 12 rounds in ± 4 seconds
S212-1 Fixed
S212-2 Folded
S212-3 Collapsing
Striker 12-Collapsing Collapsing Spring motor driven revolving magazine 12 ga x 2 3/4-inch 12 Shot 12 rounds in ± 4 seconds
Standard: Front sight welded on shroud. Optional: Armson day/night sight or other sights can be fitted

Important Features


Due to unique "out-of-line" position it is absolutely drop safe even with safety in "off" position


Closed frame design adds to safety and reliability

Low Maintenance

Cleaning not required after every use (for standard good quality ammunition only)


Due to revolver action

Low Recoil

The ergonomic design reduces recoil to absolute minimum

Single Handed Use

Due to above and spring action magazine, this shotgun can easily be handled with one hand

Heat Dissipation

Due to unique barrel cover it is possible to fire in excess of 100 rounds before weapon gets too hot to handle


Limited lifelong guarantee on parts and workmanship


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